Thursday, 27 April 2017

Tags Today

Hello Everyone. Nice to have you call in at Jumbled Crafts and thank you for your visit and comments.

So far my week hasn't been very crafty at all but I am preparing for another project with strips of material so that will take time.

At Go Tag Thursday this week the theme is tickets. I have lots of old train tickets and I am pleased I saved them as ours now seem to be paper if you get them on the train and they don't seem useful at all.

I used my tickets from a journey we made last week though the train isn't like the ones on our route. I thought the blue clip at the top went well with the tag

Tag Tuesday has Heritage as the theme and was chosen by Wilma.

 I realised I hadn't done a tag with for my mum so had to put that right as she taught me so many things, especially sewing and knitting. She never handed down the gene with the very small waist as hers was only 19 inches when she got married. All of the things she taught me had been handed down to her by her mother and grandmother. Still lots of time to join us for the challenge so I hope to see you there.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Try it on Tuesday Transport and a Tag

Hi All hope your week is going well so far. Thank you for dropping by and I am sure you are here to find out about the new challenge at Try it on Tuesday.  We love to see what you make for the challenges and hope you like what we make to inspire you. You can make anything you like so long as it follows the theme for the next 2 weeks and you follow our few rules. The theme this time is Transport. Anything you can ride on or in will be fine. Lots of idea from the rest of the team if you visit the TIOT blog

 I have started a new scrapbook using a loose leaf folder with plastic covers. This is the front and back of the first page

I haven't decorate the front of the book yet so maybe another challenge will encourage me to do that

A, hopefully, clearer view of the pages before they were put into the plastic cover.

A reminder that you still have a week to join us at Tag Tuesday with your take on the challenge there. This time Wilma, one of our team, has chosen the theme Heritage

The more I study the theme Heritage the more fascinating it becomes. I used a postcard I had for this tag. It is Titian's, Bacchus and Ariadne that is housed at the National Gallery in London. I did see it when we went there I think. The whole place is so full of wonders I was in a dream just being there.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 24 April 2017

T stands for this and that today

Hi All. So pleased you called in and thank you for your visit.

Every Inchie Monday has Butterfly as the theme this week so it is something a bit easier to tackle

At Altered Book Lover Elizabeth is our host for the Tuesday get together with a drink related post. Happy T Day to everyone who drops by from there and thank you for your visits to my blog each week

This is my attempt at a really healthy meal last week and it has worked because I now feel back to normal again after the awful cold and cough. I do like fruit on a salad though Vic always says it looks very strange. Yesterday I had a full sliced apple in my porridge with some cinnamon and it is definitely the way forward for me. Not been out much so nothing exciting to report. Have a great week T friends.

At Art Journal Journey the theme is Magical Mystery Tour and was chosen by lovely Hazel

This is a photograph Vic took at Grassington a few years ago. We went on a coach trip for the day to visit the area. We hadn't gone far from home when I felt really sick so I took some travel sickness tablets and,it felt like I was in cloud cuckoo land all day. We walked around in the pouring rain then I had to face the journey back. Me and coaches, buses or cars don't get along at all well and that is why we use the train most the time.

Hope your day went well

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Happy Earth Day and Happy Bearth Day

Hello Everyone and thank you for your visit.

File:Earth Day Flag.png
Earth Day flag

Thanks to Elizabeth I know that today is Earth Day and also her 'Bearthday' as well

Tea cosy made from old wool

Elizabeth has been doing recycling projects all this month so I hope you will pop to see what she has been doing. I recycle all the time in my crafting and also in my other life as well because it is what I was taught to do when I was growing up just after the war. Even if you had money there wasn't much to buy. My grandmother made wedding dresses for the family from old parachute material and nothing was ever wasted at all by her or by most people.

I decided to do a biggish project for my Earth Day recycle.

We had a pile of clothes to throw away as they weren't even fit for the charity shop, they had paint on them and various holes here and there. I was going to cut them up for rags then had another idea.

A few weeks ago Yvonne went to Beamish and I recalled when we went there, the little cottages at the museum all had rag rugs-inspiration struck.

Years ago I used to make rag rugs so I thought now was the time to revive the old hobby. Vic made me a frame from some wood he had behind the shed and I cut up the old jogging bottoms and t shirts into little strips.

I had a piece of sacking so I over stitched the edges and ironed a fold all the way around. Next I drew a design in the 'maybe' colours based on the garments I had. This was then stretched onto the wooden frame and I started the prodding .

This is the finished rug though I did have to change the design as I was running out of some of the colours. I won't bore you with the method as there are lots of tutorials online and different ways of making the rugs.

We went to the car boot sale as I have plans for a larger rug but nothing left to use to make it. 

I bought all of these for 50p each and have washed them ready to cut up into strips. I am now thinking they are too good to cut up--I need help here-what should I do? Nice rug or wear them?

A little reminder to join us at Tag Tuesday with your Heritage Tags and also at Try it on Tuesday where you still have a few days to Add a Quote to a project

Have a great day and maybe some recycling along the way

Love Chrissie xx