Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Journal page, TIOT and photo magic

Hello All of you that visit Jumbled Crafts and a thank you from me for calling in today. A bit of a mixed bag today and I hope you enjoy it.

At Art Journal Journal the theme 'poetry in motion' was chosen by dear Jo. You don't have to use a poem to enter, a quote or saying or part of any of them will be fine.

I have chosen the first verse of a poem by Lord Byron and one that I am sure most of you know from school. We studied every line and and I am still not sure what it really meant.

Try it on Tuesday are on the second week of their 'In My Garden' challenge so pop and see what  it is all about as you have lots of things you could add for this challenge

This is a photograph from one of our past gardens where we turned a very messy place into a garden with 3 ponds and many other features

Tag Tuesday has a new theme chosen by Michele and it is Back to School so hope to see you there as well

A digital tag from me today for the challenge with things that used to be associated with a new school year. Not sure boys wear caps now or pupils take an apple for the teacher.

Yesterday I posted a tag for the theme and I also posted a recent photograph of me on the same post. I realised that I still had the same black eyes, pointed chin, and the even almost the same smile. I have done a photo fusion by putting the two together one one top of the other and reducing the opacity to show just how much the same my face is then and now. I did them both ways but didn't alter the shape of the photographs at all I just lined up the eyes, nose and mouth

Have a great day all

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 21 August 2017

T is for Inchie and Tag Tuesday

Hello Everyone and happy new week to you. Thank you for your visit and for any comments as well. Always great to hear from you.

Every Inchie Monday has 'seagull' as the theme this week and there are thousands of them where I live. 

My inchies banner so far--mainly for Elizabeth  who loves to see the inchies and encouraged me to update the banner. Here it is on the floor of my craft room 

Adding this to Moo Mania and More--just in time for their Banners Challenge

Time for a new theme at Tag Tuesday and this time the theme 'Back to School' was chosen by Our lovely Michele.

This tag means a lot to me as it was the first time I had gone to a school in the real sense of the word. The city where I was born and lived had been badly bombed so we were moved to a new steel house on the outskirts of the city. No schools, no shops, no anything just houses. When I first reached school age we were all ages being taught together in the a community hall, then we were selected to go by bus to a far away school but that didn't last long. My mum and dad decided that education was more important than a modern house so we moved back into the city to live in my grandma and granddad's house and I finally got to go to 'my school'

Elizabeth and Bluebeard are inviting everyone to join them as always for T Day where every Tuesday you can join some of the most friendly bloggers in Blogland with a drinks related post.

Here I am having a 'quickie' meal in York. It consisted of a choice of meat/meats, vegetables and gravy all in a large Yorkshire pudding with a drink in a cardboard cup. The drink was coke. I had turkey so got cranberry sauce on the side. The place in York is called The Hog Roast. Not posh at all but they are popular so usually very busy.

Yorkshire pudding has become all sorts of weird things over the years but when I was child we had it at Sunday lunch and it was eaten on it's own before the main course. It was made in the roasting tin after the meat had been taken out. Everyone got a square of the delicious pudding with lots of thick meaty gravy. My gran used to get up at 5 am on Sunday just to mix and beat the batter to make sure it would rise enough when she poured it into the meat tin for Sunday Lunch. My daughter makes wonderful Yorkshire pudding and I buy Auntie Bessie's frozen ones :0) That means I didn't teach her everything she knows even though she says I did.

Happy T Day everyone

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 18 August 2017

Tag, Digital Collage and Photograph

Hi All and a Happy Day to you. Thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts today

Just realised that our Tag Tuesday challenge will be ending on Monday evening and I still have one tag ready and another almost finished so I will have to get moving and post them. I have really enjoyed Valerie's theme of 'Using Your Scraps and so have lots of others as well. Thank you to the people who are joining us on the TT blog. You still have time to join us and there is a prize as well.

This is literally stuff that was pushed to one side of my crafting space and could easily have ended up in the bin. Poor Sadie and Miley were printed out for a project then I lost the print out until now. They are characters I had drawn a while ago then scanned into my laptop for future use.

If you like doing digital projects then don't forget to join in at Digitally Made where I am one of the guest designers this time. Anything you enter must be 100% digital and the theme this time is Pets/Animals. You have until September 3rd to enter

This is a digital project that started out with a fractile my husband did years ago and I just kept adding things to it then adding effects.

We have the nicest train station you could wish for and as we use trains all the time, because we don't have a car, we get to know the staff there. One of the chaps who looks after the station and also sells the tickets is just so friendly and helpful I wanted to do something nice for him and for all the staff really.

A collage of our station

They work so hard to fill the station with flowers everywhere and keep it as clean and tidy as possible and it isn't easy at this time of year with thousands of day trippers and holiday makers coming and going. This year they have even added flowers to the platforms as well as the waiting room but I hadn't time to take pics of those this time as the train was arriving. Wish the rest of town was as wonderful but we do have lots of flowers planted around the town as well that add colour.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Journal Page and Tag

Hello Everyone who calls in and thank you for your visit and for the good wishes for my MIL. She is home now so needs lots of help at the moment. Fortunately the weather has been kind to us so the walk to her flat along the seafront has been a lovely one. Vic's sister is here from London as as well so all hands to the pump.

At Art Journal Journal the theme 'poetry in motion' was chosen by dear Jo. You don't have to use a poem to enter a quote or saying or part of any of them will be fine.

I used one of my chalked backgrounds and added bits and bobs that were in my scrap box for this one. I had printed out lots of the saying to make tea bag holders last year.

Go Tag Thursday has the theme Balloons this week-any balloons so Sandie says.

I went digital this time and found a wallpaper advert to make the background and the main image

advert for wallpaper

 I thought you might like to see our newly painted garden shed.

The photograph was taken through a window so has my reflection on it.
 The poor old shed was well past its best but a friend was taking down his fence and told Vic to take as much of the wood as he liked, so he did and mended our shed then painted it beach hut style. It brightens up a dull corner now.

Hope you will join in our Tag Tuesday challenge with the theme Use your Scraps as there is still until next Monday evening for that.

Try it on Tuesday has just started a new challenge and it has lots of possibilties so do pop there to find out more. The theme this time is Is My Garden.

Have a
 great day

Love Chrissie xx